5 Top Tips to Finding Time to Never Thought You Had!

Are you looking for a solution to escape long working hours? Are you fed up with having no time for yourself but can't see a way to make a change? Are you feeling trapped?

Then you are in the right place.

No matter how busy you are, you can still have your own successful home based business with totally flexible hours and no stress.

  • You may feel you are already stretched between work and family

  • You may be working full time with a commute on top

  • You may have a contract where your shifts are confirmed at short notice

No Problem.

Whatever your situation, with the right support, you can make the changes you need and free yourself from the frustrations you are feeling.

Just imagine for a moment being able to take days off when you choose, never miss school sports day, be there for your kids whenever needed and book as many holidays as you wanted without checking with your boss or the HR department.

It's time to put YOURSELF in control of YOUR life

So how do you start when you are already busy?

TIP 1 - Choose your business carefully

You need a business which doesn't need constant input from you and is streamlined in dealing with your customer's calls and queries to give them the quick response they are looking for. And you want to be able to slot it around your work so you still have some time left for yourself.

TIP 2 - Plan your time

Block out your diary in advance. Mark out the times you are working, travelling, with family or other commitments and this will show you the spaces you have free. Even if these are small slots, you can utilise them to achieve tasks which grow your business.

TOP 3 - Focus your activity

Plan the activity for your free slots and avoid getting side-tracked. You can achieve a lot in just 15 minutes but that time is easily lost scrolling social media or watching TV.

TIP 4 - Set realistic goals

Plan your business growth based on the time you have available and regularly review your goals and achievements to adjust them as things change.

TIP 5- Leverage your Time

An ideal business is one where you can introduce other people who also want to find home based hours. If you help others to achieve their goals this will benefit you from an ongoing income based on their time. Businesses with this model allow your business to grow much faster ... "many hands make light work"

So get your running shoes on and join the hundreds of other people making money from home who haven't let a lack of time be an excuse for not growing a successful and flexible home business.

Whether you are looking to make extra money, get more free time or just want to be your own boss, home businesses are a great solution to these problems.

If you want individual help and a personalised plan, get in touch - always happy to help.

And I wish you every success with achieving your goals and claiming back your time.


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