Covid-Proofing Your Future

The pandemic has highlighted many things and job security has to be high on the list.

All industries have been affected but sectors that have been unable to function remotely or package themselves in a new format are likely to have been hit particularly hard. And sadly, many industry sectors will not return at the same scale as before, which has been resulted in many job losses.

Failure to plan for the future has cost many companies their survival and many people are suffering as a result.

Fortunately some companies have maintained a constant view to future and been prudent in their planning. This report in The Times is testament to one British success story - Telecom Plus PLC.


Having control over your own financial security by not relying on single income stream has been firmly placed under the spotlight. There are many ways to achieve this, but partnering with a successful British FTSE 250 brand who provide everyday services that everyone uses is worth further investigation if you want a sustainable continuous income you can rely on.

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