True Alignment with Ethics

When thinking about brands, we all know those that lead with their ethics to show us they care about us. They build a brand identity through a story crafted with expensive and carefully managed advertising and email campaigns. And it works as we often feel drawn to them as if we know them.

This well thought out advertising and down to earth imagery is highly successful and keeps us all engaged. I love these brands and I am not suggesting they aren't genuine but behind the evocative imagery and words, what else shows true alignment with their story? How much depth is there to the picture they paint?

Fancy a true story?

There is a British company who don't shout about what they are doing and don't spend any money on advertising to build brand identity. They grow by recommendation and have one of the strongest ethical stories running throughout every aspect of what they do.

Here's a snapshot:

  • Fair treatment for customers - they break the industry norm with no discounts for those who haggle as these have to be funded by those who quietly pay their direct debit.

  • Fair treatment for employees - rated highly on independent sites for their recognition and rewards. Many employees travel significant distances to work each day and have been with company over 10 years.

  • Fair treatment for engineers - vans are all fitted with air conditioning and weekly healthy lunch packs are delivered to show they care.

  • Fair treatment for business partners - they have an inclusive and collaborative system to ensure a true partnership. They engage with their Leaders on a regular basis and have panels to ensure new IT meets needs.

  • Focus on the environment - 100% green energy tariff and a tree planted for every new green energy customer means a new forest will be planted by the company. Add this to the free LED bulbs they offer to reduce usage and bills and you have one of the greenest energy options in the UK.

  • Focus on charity - they have their own Foundation to help rid the seas of plastic but have temporarily switched to support the NHS with £16,000 raised this month alone!

And the icing on the cake ...

Their Executive Chairman is one of the biggest philanthropists in the UK having donated £9m to charity.

  • No fanfare

  • No fancy advertising campaign

  • No brand story

Just genuine, quiet giving to help causes he feels will make a difference.

That is what fully aligned ethics look like and is what Telecom Plus PLC stands for.

It's not something you find in many places but makes me proud to be partnered with them. If you are ethically minded and would like to find out how they could help you save money, streamline any your home services or build a consistent and continuous income, get in touch and let's chat.

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