"Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty"

Have you heard this phrase before?

Harvey MacKay said it and I'll be honest, when I first heard it, I wasn't too sure I understood it!

So for those of you who are like me, the phrase means we should all get a Plan B in place before we need to use it, so if the unexpected happens, we are not left without options.

But life is busy and we all have enough to do without adding in more. And besides, when everything is going ok, we just get on with our lives. We all know people who have suffered a life-changing event - maybe a health crisis or a business failure. But these are individual cases and whilst we feel for them and their hardship, we are remote and unconnected to it.

But coronavirus is different. It has affected all our lives and we are not remote from it. It has touched everyone and wreaked havoc in the UK in under a fortnight. We have yet to feel the full force but businesses are already impacted and there is serious worry about health, jobs and finances.

Most people are totally unprepared. There is an acute need for many people to earn income immediately and a wide-spread realisation that having a Plan B is not simply a nice extra but an essential element we need to prioritise in our lives.

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I believe this unprecedented situation will leave it's mark in several positive ways. But the one I want to highlight is that it has shone a light on our lack of personal financial security and given us a wake-up call to look forward and make a plan. For many years, there has been the worry that we are all living longer yet over 18 million people in the UK have no pension or savings and will be reliant on the state pension. This will leave them with a very poor life quality and an increase the burden on other services such as NHS and care.

If this virus acts as a catalyst that extends beyond the next few months to engage us all in thinking ahead and digging our well, we may look back and see that this cloud actually had a silver lining ...

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But that is all in the future and today many people are feeling worried and despairing that they don't have a Plan B. What are you choices if you need to earn income quickly?

I can show you one option that may give you the solution.

With Smart Finances, you get free help and support in setting up a business from home with no risk and a maximum outlay of £100. Your business will be based on helping your friends, family and colleagues save money on their essential bills and streamline their home services. By partnering with an award winning UK company, you can be confident in the services you offer and you can earn up to £350 for each person you help save.

And the really amazing thing about this Plan B is that not only will it give you a way to earn money straight away which will allow you to meet your commitments, but it can also give you a guaranteed income in the future.. You can build a well that will provide for you and your family and mean you will never need to worry about money again.

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Saving money has never been such a high priority for so many people and by helping them, you can ensure you have a secure and relaxed future.

Get in touch now for a chat or to get started straight away.

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